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Adv. Maor Gercenshtein graduated from the Outstanding Law and Economics Program (B.A & L.L.B) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem . The Hebrew University is ranked year after year as the leading university in Israel for law studies, and has undergone a majority of Supreme Court justices, elected officials and excellent lawyers. During his studies Adv. Gercenshtein was involved in academic activities at the Hebrew University, as well as in public-legal activities.

After graduating ,Maor Gercenshtein was employed in a law firm in the city of Jerusalem (Har Hotzvim). The direct supervisor of attorney Gercenshtein, Dr. Assaf Posner, Adv, Is a pioneer in civil law in Israel and a leading lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University. He was a leading candidate for the position of a judge in the Supreme Court.

Adv. Gercenshtein, a native of the city of Ashkelon, decided to return to the southern city and provide legal services with a standard of service and quality Which is equal (if not superior) to the quality of legal services in the central of Israel. Lawyer Maor Gercenshtein: "As someone who was born in the city of Ashkelon and saw with his own eyes the gaps at the legal services provided, it was important for me to present new service standards." 

Maor law office: Legal services in a language that is convenient for you

Since its establishment, Maor Law office has expanded to other cities and now the firm's services are available in the city of Ashkelon, Ashdod, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Haifa and Jerusalem. Maor Law Office, headed by Maor Gercenshtein, has chosen to engage in the legal-civil disciplines that are most important in the civil life:

  • Inheritance Law – This sensitive and important issue is part of the day-to-day work of the firm. Writing and drafting wills, grant the inheritance to the heirs, estate distribution agreements and managing the heirs' tax portfolio. As part of his financial training, Attorney Gercenshtein fully controls the ability to reduce the tax burden through creative legal actions and tax relief.
  • Real Estate Law – a roof is seen as economic security in the State of Israel. Adv. Gercenshtein is experienced in real estate contracts, apartment contracts, apartment purchases, real estate information, etc. Adv. Gercenshtein has a special certification in real estate taxation, in order to protect, preserve and reduce the firm's clients' tax burden in the real estate transactions
  • Family law – The field of family law is a priority in the areas of civil law. Financial agreements, mediation for home peace, ongoing power of attorney, medical power of attorney, division of property and divorce agreements are all part of the day-to-day work of the firm. Adv. Gercenshtein believes that advanced technology can improve the communication between the lawyer and his client, which allows for a much faster and more personal service.
Maor Gercenshtein law office

Maor Gercenshtein, Adv

מאור משרד עורכי דין בית ומשפחה. בראשות המשרד עומד עורך הדין מאור גרצנשטיין. המשרד הוא משרד מוביל שעוסק במקרקעין ונדל"ן, דיני ירושה ודיני משפחה. למשרד המלצות רבות.

Maor law office

The firm has raised the banner of legal excellence and special expertise, so Adv. Gercenshtein chose to engage only in these areas and related niche areas in which the firm deals: ongoing power of attorney, construction defects disputes in the real estate industry, wills, civil disputes, etc. The firm has chosen to specialize in this limited line of expertise and does not provide services in other areas of law. It is this fact that allows the firm to be the best in its field.

Maor Law uses technological means that were not there before, for the benefit of its clients. Thanks to advanced means of communication, the firm's clients can enjoy direct contact with the attorny, consultation meetings in safe and convenient applications, and immediate response from the firm's secretariat. Accessibility and availability to the client are part of the office obligation as an outstanding law office. For this reason the firm provides these services free of charge and as part of the service. Advocate Gercenshtein: “We do not want the client to think twice before sending WhatsApp. I am available to customers even at unusual times."

Legal services in English

Availability is also part of a lawyer's commitment to his client. In the areas in which attorney Maor Gercenshtein engages, the attorney is required to deal with unplanned events on a daily basis. The information, experience and creativity are available to the firm and the firm's clients should enjoy them. Attorney Gercenshtein is an economist by profession in addition to his membership in the Bar Association, and the firm's clients also enjoy special creative tax planners. Because of impressive capabilities, today it is possible to get excellent legal services even in the periphery in addition to the center of the country.
We want to be a part of your process. We place special emphasis on availability and accessibility for the benefit of our customers, and from the very beginning each customer receives a number of advanced means of communication:
  • Office email
  • Personal email 
  • Office WhatsApp
  • Personal WhatsApp
  • Office phone N. 08-618-4433
  • The office Facebook messenger , and Instagram messenger
  • New – Zoom meetings At your convenience at no extra charge!
  • As well as additional means of communication (we also have LinkedIn – ), and all at no extra charge.

Beyond the convenient means of communication, you are more than welcome to drop by for coffee in our office. Just update us, so we could boil some water 🙂

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